Thursday, June 2, 2011

Red, White and Blue! Celebrate America!

Hello once again from the wonderful world of Holly Cow!  Another very busy week on the farm.  The summer weather is here early, and it's making some of the work a bit difficult.  It's been hot and dry, but we're all trying to find ways to cool off and enjoy ourselves. 

My sister Belle finished her last day of the school year this week and is ready for a much needed and well deserved summer vacation.  She was worried about passing all of her final exams, but she's a smart young lady and she did great.  Passed everything with flying colors. 

Now we're all ready for some summer fun.  The July 4th Holiday is next month, and we're all getting ready for the fireworks and festivities.  Living outside of San Antonio, Texas, we're close enough to all of the military bases that we can usually see a lot of fireworks in every direction on the Fourth.  San Antonio is a big military town, and we're proud to support their efforts.  They sacrifice a lot, some sacrifice all, and they need and deserve our support.  Remember them when you celebrate this Independence Day.

And with that thought in mind, here are some really great designs with an American theme, a real Red, White and Blue celebration.  Take a look, support these talented designers, and show your American Pride this July 4th!

Iron Horse Dreams card

So, this July 4th, celebrate America, folks!   Celebrate the freedom,  the people who worked hard and continue to work hard to maintain that freedom, and those who gave all to keep that freedom alive. 
Holly Cow

Thank you as always for being a part of my world by reading and following my blog.  See you next week!