Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Family Fun

Hello Hello!  It's time once again for another installment of "Holly Cow's World", the one and only blog by the one and only ME, Holly Cow, your favorite colorful cartoon cow. 

April is an interesting month here at Holly Farms Dairy.  My older brother, Terry Bull, always comes for a visit on his birthday, which is April 1st. We don't get to see Terry very often, usually only on his birthday and Holidays.  Now, Terry is a great older brother, but he can be a bit...  over the top... sometimes.  He's very energetic and very enthusiastic and, well, very large! 

A couple of years ago, he came to the farm for his birthday and things got out of hand.  He was too excited about the birthday party, and he kind of made a mess of the whole farm.  The farmers were not happy and they didn't want him to come back.  We calmed things down, and Terry is welcome on the farm as long as he tries to control himself.  This year he was fairly well behaved and we didn't have too big of a mess to deal with after the party.

This all got us to thinking, though, that maybe he wouldn't be so rambunctious if we saw him more often.  Belle and I talked, and we plan to visit Terry more often and have him over to the farm more often as well.  Mom and Dad would probably like that too, as they don't get out too much any more and they would probably appreciate more time with their son.

All of this got me thinking about how important families actually are.  I think we take for granted our family sometimes, and we don't stop often enough to show them how much we appreciate them.  My little sister Belle reminded me that this blog is a good place to express things like this, so I'm doing so now.  Thank you, Belle!  I love you!
With that thought in mind, I wanted to share some fun ways to help you express your feelings toward your family:

Just a few little items to let family members know you're thinking about them.
Well, to all of you, my extended family, I want to thank you for reading this installment of my blog, and until next time, this is Holly Cow, saying, bye for now!