Friday, March 29, 2013

Back To The Blog!

Well, Hello one and all!  Welcome back to "Holly Cow's World", the one and only blog by ME, Holly Cow, your favorite colorful cartoon cow.
     It has been quite a few months since my last blog entry, and quite honestly I don't have any really great excuses for not posting anything recently. The biggest reason I haven't written lately is because I have been busy with details regarding my first book, "Is It Autumn Or Fall?" 
     I have been busy meeting with people to sign autographs and do interviews and talk about the book in general.  It's exhausting being a famous cartoon cow, you know. 
     ...okay, I haven't really been doing any of those things.  Dan Radcliffe, the guy who did the illustrations for the book, and who wrote it along with his wife Denise, have been the ones trying to drum up some publicity for the book.  Sales have been...  well, there have been sales.  Dan simply doesn't have a lot of time for promotions lately. 
     So, with that in mind, I knew I had to get back to writing my blog.  Please take a look at our book, "Is It Autumn Or Fall?" It's a fun collection of stories, jokes, and poems featuring me and my friends at Holly Farms Dairy.  I think you'll enjoy the book.
     The biggest reason I haven't done a blog recently is because I can't type.  As any of you who have read my blog in the past are aware, my good friend Oliver Duck types up the blog for me.  Cows have a very hard time typing, since we have hooves.  Oliver is much better at typing than I am, so basically I dictate and he types.  Oliver, however, has been recovering from a slight injury to his wing.  He's fine now, but a couple of months ago, he broke his wing.  You see, Walter and Ronald Pig were playing super heroes...  "Super Pig and Wonder Pig, the Titanium Twins" (yes, I know...  silly boys!) and they wanted Oliver to join in as their sidekick, "Danger Duck", as they flew across the countryside, righting wrongs and doing good. 
     Well, as they were leaping and jumping through the air,  they all kind of forgot that Oliver, being a duck, is the only one who could actually fly.  Walter and Ronald landed on top of Oliver, and...  well....  you can probably guess the rest.  But Oliver is fine now, and he has decided to hang up his crime fighting costume for a while.  Walter and Ronald are on their own in the super hero business.
     The book, as I said, was a lot of fun for us here on the farm.  We all enjoy reading, and this was a great way for us to share our love of books.  I encourage everyone to go out there and pick up a book.  If not our book, please visit your local library or bookseller and bring home some books today.
     So please, take a look at our fun new book, available now by going to this linkI really think you'll be glad you did.
     Until next time, this is Holly Cow, for Holly Cow's World, saying thank you for reading my blog.  Bye for now!
     ~ Holly ~