Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hooray For Halloween!

Hi there!  Welcome to another installment of "Holly Cow's World", the only blog featuring your favorite cartoon cow (that would be me!) and my friends from Holly Farms Dairy

It's been a relatively quiet month on the farm.  My little sister Belle is back in school and doing quite well this year.  Claudia has settled into a routine here on the farm, and she has taken it upon herself to try to introduce some culture to Walter and Ronald.  For the past several weeks, the boys have been "trying" to act like civilized gentlemen in order to impress Claudia, but she has been able to see through their act.  The "manners" they have been displaying are weak at best... 

Now don't misunderstand me, Walter and Ronald are model citizens.  Fine, upstanding young men.  But they are pigs, after all...  Claudia has tried to impress upon them the importance of some good old fashioned manners.   They're trying, but it's kind of an uphill battle.  In spite of Claudia's best efforts, I don't think the brothers are going to change.  At least not overnight. 

The weather is getting a little cooler, now that October is here.  It's still pretty warm, though, just not as bad as it was this summer, thank goodness!  Oliver has been busy making plans for Halloween.  He enjoys decorating the farm and getting costumes ready and of course the door-to-door candy!  I think we might just have to have a good old Halloween party on the farm this year.  I'm going to see if Oliver is up for planning one with me.  I'm not sure what kind of a costume I'll be wearing this year, but I have a few ideas...

Walter and Ronald have their costumes all planned this year.  Walter is dressing up like Ronand and Ronald is dressing up like Walter!  Silly Boys!

If you're planning a Halloween party, or if you just want to send off some special Halloween greetings, you might want to check out these fun Halloween designs by some of my talented friends:

So, this Halloween, remember to be safe, dress up in your favorite silly costume, don't go overboard on the candy, and above all, have fun!
Surrender The Earth Cookies! print
Surrender The Earth Cookies! by Dan Radcliffe
(These are the costumes Oliver and I will be wearing this year!)

Until next time, this is Holly, wishing you and yours a very Happy Halloween!