Wednesday, March 23, 2011

To The Rescue! Animal Adoption

Hello animal lovers!  I assume all of you out there reading my blog are animal lovers.  After all, I'm a cow, and you all love ME, right?  Of course you do.  This week's blog is all about animals.  Specifically, animals in need of a good home. 

My good friend Dan Radcliffe (you all know him, don't you?) recently rescued and adopted a couple of guinea pigs.  It's not often you come across stray guinea pigs, but that's what happened.  Dan went out to his mailbox last week after dinner.  On his way back into the house, he noticed something moving around in the storm drain next to his house.  It was, of all things, a guinea pig!  Well, knowing that guinea pigs are not wild animals roaming freely around the big city, he went after it.  Only to find, as the poor critter ran to the back of the house behind a fence, there was not just the one, but two guinea pigs back there!  After some careful manipulation by Dan and his wife Denise and daughter Heather, they managed to rescue both of the guinea pigs and get them into a pet carrier.  After receiving a clean bill of health from the local guinea pig vet, the two little critters are living comfortably in Dan and Denise's home.

Some person, for whatever reason, simply dropped these poor defenseless creatures off in a drainage ditch.  There are big dogs, cats, owls, hawks, even a fox or two out there.  These poor animals would not have lasted one night out there.  If whoever it was that abandoned these animals didn't want to care for them anymore, or couldn't care for them, there were other ways to deal with the situation...  it makes my heart hurt knowing what happened, and what could have happened.

My friends Walter and Ronald, (the twin pig brothers who live on the farm with me), have never seen guinea pigs before, but they are certain that these are not really pigs.  I tried, but I couldn't explain it to them...

Anyhow, the guinea pigs are safe now, and in a good home.  Which leads me up to this week's features:  Animal items, of course!

Here are a few items from my animal loving friends out there.  ENJOY!

Holly Cow, Let It Snow! card

You Can Never Have Too Many Friends print

A couple of final pictures -- These are Dan and Denise's cats, "Marmalade" and "Whiskers".  Marmalade is a rescue cat they adopted about four years ago.  Whiskers walked into their house one day about fifteen years ago, a mere kitten, and decided she lived there.

So friends, if you are able, by all means adopt an animal in need.  There are millions of animals out there who need your love and care.  Check with your local animal shelter, pet store, veterinarian or, if you're in the right place at the right time, storm drain next to your house.
Until next week, this is Holly Cow, Love to you all, and thanks for reading my blog!

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  1. I can hardly believe people dump a pet like garbage. Every pet we have has been a rescue. Currently we have a dog, rabbit and guinea pig and they are all so sweet. When I let Baby the Guinea Pig run around on my bed he does these little happy dances and throws himself on his side and rolls around. So cute!