Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Stay Curious.

Hello once again from the wonderful world of Holly Cow. For those of you who were wondering why I didn't post a blog last week, I took last week off from blogging to catch up on some reading and to help my little sister Belle study for her final exams. She's going to do fine. We were talking about learning and the importance of learning. She's a good student and enjoys learning, but she tends to get distracted sometimes. In some ways, I think that's not such a bad thing. She's very curious about the world.

There's an old saying about curiosity, I'm sure you've all heard: "Curiosity Killed The Cat."
I completey disagree. In my humble opinion, that old saying should be: "Lack Of Curiosity Bored The Cat To Death."

Curiosity, for those of you who don't know, is considered a Virtue. I'm big on Virtues, as those of you who follow this blog are keenly aware by now.

Curiosity: A desire to find out and know things.

Walter and Ronald were very curious this week. We have a lovely lake on the farm, and we all love the warm summer months when we can go swimming. We were splashing around in the lake early last week, and Walter and Ronald were wondering how much water is actually in our lake. They debated on a way to find out, but eventually decided they needed to weigh the water. ALL of the water. They took a milk bucket from the barn, dragged it down to the lake, filled it with water, dragged it all the way back to the barn, weighed it, and took it back to the lake.
"Now we know how much ONE bucket of water weighs," said Walter.
"Right. We just need to know how many buckets of water are in the lake, and do the math," answered Ronald., the two of them systematically started to fill bucket after bucket with water from the lake, in an effort to see how many buckets of water were in the lake. As you can guess, they ran out of buckets. The good people who work on the farm were a bit unhappy with the pigs when they went to look for all of the milk buckets at milking time,,,
We stil have no idea how much water is in the lake...

So, curiosity can sometimes lead to some "unexpected" results, but overall, curiosity is a good trait. It leads to learning, exploring, adventure, and fun.

And with that in mind, here are some examples of curiosity inspired designs, teaching designs, reading designs, and designs that celebrate learning. Stay Curious!

"The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity." ~Ellen Parr

Well, friends, thank you all for reading this week's blog.  I need to finish up a book I'm in the middle of, so, until next week, this is your friendly neighborhood cow, Holly, saying goodbye for now. 


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