Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Birthday Blog Blathering

Hello everyone, and thank you for reading "Holly Cow's World". I'm back to the blog after taking a week off to help out with some additional duties on the farm. My good friend Oliver Duck graciously stepped up and filled in for me last week as the guest writer for the blog. I appreciate all of your kind comments on his hard work. And I want to thank him personally for filling in. Thank You, Oliver!

You may be wondering why I wasn't able to take the time to write the blog last week... Well, it all has to do with my older brother, Terry Bull. You see, Friday, April 1st, was Terry's birthday. We had a huge surprise party over at "Holly Farms Dairy" for him.

Long story short, Terry got into a lot of mischief on the farm and sort of... well... made a complete disaster of the place! The good people who run the farm were not pleased, and since I was responsible for organizing the party and inviting my brother to the farm...

Now, don't misunderstand me, my brother is a great guy.  He just gets a little carried away sometimes, and he's not exactly what you would call graceful.  He was so excited about the birthday party that he simply couldn't control himself.  You know the old saying about a bull in a china shop?  Yeah, that was him.

Birthdays can be stressful sometimes, especially the "big ones".  The parties and planning (and cleanup!) can be a lot of work, but usually birthdays are a lot of fun and a great way to show someone how much you appreciate the fact they're part of your life.

And with that in mind, here are some fun, funny, beautiful, and fantastic birthday items from a few friends of mine.  ENJOY!

Butterfly Party invitation

So if there's a birthday coming up for someone you care about, you might want to consider one of these fantastic items from one of these fantastic people.  Or go browse their shops and see what else is there.  Lots of fun cards, gifts and ideas to make the birthday special. 

Oh, and if you have a brother like mine, maybe "surprise" parties aren't such a good idea...

Until next week, this is Holly saying thanks for reading "Holly Cow's World".  Have a wonderful week!

...Oh, by the way, the farm is back to normal.

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