Sunday, September 11, 2011

Love Your Family


I was grounded last month.

All month.

I had to clean the barn floor all last month.

Not fun...

Well, hello everyone.  Welcome back to "Holly Cow's World", my blog about things I like, things that make me happy, and things I think will make others happy, too.

Mom and Dad were not pleased with my recent "out-of-character" behavior on this blog, referring to my little sister Belle in a very mean and negative manner.  I am sincerely sorry for calling my little sister a bad name, she didn't deserve it, and although she did hijack my blog last month, I had no right to be so mean to her.  I called her a "moo-head".  I have been asked by a lot of people what exactly is a "moo-head"?  Well, it's about the most mean and nasty thing one cow can call another.  There isn't any real English translation, so I'm not sure exactly how you human types would say it..  Rest assured, it's just plain impolite.  I will not be using those words anymore.

Well, other than cleaning the barn floor all last month (yuck!), not a lot of news from "Holly Farms" to report.  The weather is still pretty warm, although we're getting some cooler nights.  Claudia, the newest addition to our farm family, is having some trouble adjusting to the heat, but we've made a lot of suggestions to help her cope, and she's getting along fairly well.  Oliver and Triggy have been having a lot of fun watching Walter and Ronald  fawn over Claudia, each trying to outdo the other in an effort to win her affection.  Claudia likes both of them, but she's not ready to giver her heart over to either of them.  Oliver and Triggy have been "helping" them write love poems to Claudia, but I'm pretty sure she hasn't been impressed with their writing prowess...

Belle started back to school and she's doing just great.  She's a good student, a smart young lady, and all in all, a pretty good sister.  I forget that sometimes.  I'm supposed to be the big sister, and set a good example for her.  I'm going to try to do better.

Mom and Dad reminded me about all of the wonderful things that go along with being part of a family.  They told me my next blog should be about Family and Loving your sisters and brothers.  I agree.   And with that in mind, here are some excellent products to help us all remember to appreciate our family.  ENJOY!

You know, I really do appreciate my family, my farm family, my extended family, and all of you out there in my blog family.  Thank you all for being there for me, and thank you for reading "Holly Cow's World". 

Until next time, this is Holly, saying "Love Your Family!"


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