Thursday, August 18, 2011

What Are you Waiting For -- Christmas?

Hello!  My name is Belle.  For those of you who don't know me, I'm Holly's adorably cute little sister. 

See?  Adorably Cute!   Anyhow, out of the kindness of my heart, I'm writing Holly's blog for her this week. 

Well, actually, I'm borrowing Holly's computer and writing on this blog.  She sort of doesn't know I'm borrowing her computer, and she doesn't know I'm signed in on her blog.  But it's not like her password for her blog was really hard to figure out.  "Moo".   See?  Not too hard...

Anyhow, I'm writing on her blog this week because of the things she said on her blog last week.  For some reason that I can't understand, my big sister actually called me a "Moo-Head" on her blog for everybody in the whole universe to read!  ME!!  Her sweet, wonderful, adorable little sister!  If Mom and Dad ever see that, they'll take her computer away and probably have her doing barn floor clean-up for a month. 

Holly was actually trying to tell everyone that I'm complaining too much about doing chores.  Well, the fact of the matter is that I have to do EVERYTHING around the farm!  If I told you all of the things I have to do, you would never believe it.  Just this week, Mom actually made me clean my whole room all by myself!  And it was a complete mess!  But that wasn't my fault, I don't ever have time to keep it clean because I have to do EVERYTHING around here!  This week, I had to empty TWO, not one, but TWO trash cans on the farm.  And they were almost full.  And they were HUGE, like about a foot tall.  I honestly don't know how they think I can manage all of this.  School starts Monday!  I still have to have Mom and Dad buy school stuff for me.  I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

So anyhow, now that you can see how over-worked and terribly mistreated I am, you can understand that Holly was just being mean calling me a "moo-head".  I told her that she's the moo-head, and that she's not going to get anything this year for Christmas from Santa because she talks that way to her sweet innocent little sister.  She told me Christmas is a long way away and she's not worried. 

Christmas is right around the corner!  It's only FOUR MONTHS away!  I told her she better start being nicer to me.  I'm looking forward to Christmas.  I love the lights and the tree and the presents from Santa, who knows I've been extremely good this year, as always.

Here are some amazingly wonderful Christmas designs from some amazingly wonderful designers.  You can see these and other Christmas designs in all of their Zazzle shops.

This guy has a LOT of his stuff featured on Holly's blog. I wonder why?

There's another by that guy... go figure!

This mug is by one of Holly's biggest fans...

...and so is this cute cat Christmas card.
Christmas Tree Shimmer stamp
Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle! I love this one!
Snowy Snowman magnet
And a cute snowman by Stacy Lynch!
Holiday Bicycle card
These two by Tricia-rennea Wilson are simply snazzy! And they make me want waffles for some reason... :)

And the multi-talented Ruth Jamieson is responsible for these two.

So, as you can see, there's a lot to choose from for the Christmas Holidays.  I can't decide, so maybe I'll ask Santa for all of them. 

And unless Holly decides to speak nicer to me, this is what she's going to get for Christmas:

Socks and Underwear for Christmas shirt

Anyhoo-- this is Belle Cow, the adorably cute and sweet and wonderful little sister of Holly Cow, saying so long for now.  Holly might be back next week (if I don't tell Mom and Dad about the "moo-head" comment!)

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