Sunday, July 3, 2011

Some Friends Of Mine

Hello once again, and welcome to Holly Cow's World.  As always, I'm Holly, and I'm a cow, and this is my world.  Hence the name of the blog.  But I digress. 

It's been a couple of weeks since I've posted on the blog here, so I'll try my best to catch you all up on the latest and greatest on the farm.  It's been painfully hot and dry here.  There was one brief day of rain, but not much, and it barely was enough to get the ground wet.  And it wasn't enough to cool anything or anyone off.  Last time I posted, I was telling you all about the tempers flaring onthe farm and none of the chores getting done.  My friends have calmed down a bit, and things are improving.  More time off from working in the heat, more swimming, and a bit more fun and things are looking better. 

Walter and Ronald Pig have really turned into helpful, polite, gentlemen this past week.  Not that they're horrible or anything, but this week seemed to be different.  I'm pretty sure it's due to a new addition to our farm.  A cute, sweet female pig named Claudia has just moved here from a farm in South Carolina, and for some reason Walter and Ronald are paying a lot of attention to her.  And they have been on their best behavior; just the picture of well-mannered gentelmen. It's a big change from a couple weeks ago.  I'll post some pictures of Claudia as soon as Dan Radcliffe takes some for me.

My little sister Belle has been acting a bit better about her chores, too.  She still complains that she has to "do everything around here" but I chalk that up to her age.  She's a sweet kid, but you know how kids can be!  

My friends on the farm are acting more civil towards each other.  That's a good thing.  Cooperation on the farm makes everyone's jobs easier.  And it makes friendship easier too.

Have I told you all about some of my other friends, the human type?  I have quite a few.  Two very special human friends helped me out this week and I would like to thank them on this blog. 
Tricia-rennea Wilson and Stacy Lynch both helped me with some designs for my new "2012 Holly Cow and Friends Calendar".   Tricia, the ever-snazzy color-and-fashion coordinated founder of Trillustrations and the Shy Socialites, gave me the suggestion for a county fair theme, which we used for the September design:

Don't you just love it?  Dan worked out the details of the design with his wife Denise (she was VERY helpful with this!), and this is the end result.  It looks great on the calendar.  I wanted to personally thank Tricia for her suggestion, so I sent her a thank-you picture in the mail.  (I'll post a picture of it next week as I think it hasn't arrived in her mail box yet).

Stacy Lynch gave me the suggestion for a pumpkin patch for an Autumn-themed design.  Dan worked on that one, and came up with this November Harvest themed design:

Not bad, huh?  Stacy is the shopkeeper for Rdwnggrl's World at Zazzle, featuring her fantastic photography and beautiful designs.  She and her husband also have a little old business selling barbecue sauce, you can check that out at Cripple Creek Barbecue.  There's a thank-you picture on its way for Stacy too, and I'll post a copy of that next week as well. 

So, after a lot of work, Dan Radcliffe put these and other great ideas together and came up with the new 2012 Holly Cow and Friends Calendar.  Actually, I did a fair share of the work myself.  It's not easy posing for all of those drawings! 

The 2012 Holly Cow and Friends Calendar calendar

Well, I'm going to sign off for the week.  Lots to do, lots of activity on the farm, so until next time, this is Holly, thank you for reading my blog, and thank you for being my friends!

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