Monday, August 8, 2011

Settle Down, Class! Back To School Time!

Hello one and all, and welcome to another installment of "Holly Cow's World". As always, I'm Holly, and I'm a cow.  But you already knew that.

Well, what can I tell you this time around.  It's been a whole month since I took the time to write a blog post here at "Holly Cow's World", where does the time go?  We have been very busy on the farm, lots of activity going on.  You probably don't know, but "Holly Farms" is more than just a dairy farm.  I work primarily on the dairy side, being a cow and all, but the farm is huge, and we grow a lot of fruits and veggies here, too.  Well, actually, the good humans who own and operate the farm do the growing...  Cows and pigs aren't very good at planting and harvesting.  However, my friends and I have been featured prominently on some fun seed packages from Holly Farms, so you can check out those wonderful designs over at "Designs By Dan Radcliffe".  Here's one example:

Holly Cow's Vintage Pumpkin Seed Package print
Holly Cow's Vintage Pumpkin Seed Package by Dan Radcliffe

Pretty neat stuff, huh?  Dan Radcliffe, the guy who draws all of the great pictures of my friends and me, has decided he really likes this picture of Oliver, Walter and me in pumpkin patch.  I'm not so sure Walter likes it much, though...  but when his brother Ronald saw it, he laughed.  It was all in good fun, and Walter lightened up after a while.  We do enjoy ourselves on the farm.

The weather lately, as I've said in previous posts, has been terrible!  Incredilbly hot, no rain, and it has made working conditions very difficult for us all.  For a while, everyone was on each others' nerves and a lot of arguments were going on every day.  We've taken a lot of time talking about what to do to ease the tension, and we all have decided we need more breaks and less work.  Lately, we've been spending a lot of time at the lake, trying to keep cool.  It's been working, and for the most part everyone has been in a better mood and we're getting our work done and arguments about working are at a minimum.

My little sister Belle, however, has been a bit argumentative about getting her chores done lately.  She keeps telling everyone she will be going back to school in a couple of weeks, and she wants to enjoy the "last few remaining days" of her summer vacation.  She's a bit of a melodramatic young lady when it comes to such things.  She's been reluctantly getting her chores done, arguing all the way.  Honestly, she can be such a moo-head sometimes!  (Sorry for using such language, I don't normally speak that way, but Belle has been..  well, a moo-head lately!)  Mom and Dad keep telling her if she doesn't shape up they're going to send her off to the other side of the county to live with our brother Terry Bull.  Not that Terry is a bad guy, he's just not the easiest bull to live with.  Mom and Dad aren't really serious about sending her off.  Besides, it's too far from Belle's school, so that wouldn't work  even if they were serious. 

Well, school is coming up in only a few short weeks.  And with that in mind, Belle has been looking for new school supplies.  Here are a few of the binders she is considering for school.  You can have some just like these by visiting these fine stores over at Zazzle. 

(For some reason I particularly like this design...)

Fun Frogs binder

Well, I have no idea which of these binders Belle will eventually settle on, but knowing how she is, she'll probably have Mom and Dad buy ALL of them for her!  She's going to need a bigger back-pack! 

As for me, I'll be busily tending to my duties on the farm.  I need to get back to some important obligations right now, so I'll be signing off.

Until next time, this is Holly, thank you for reading "Holly Cow' World"!

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